Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vaugest of Vagrancies

Yah, so...about last nite.  Sorry about all that.

This whole blog thing is a new step for me, but I'm willing to give it a try.  It's sort of like a gift to myself to prompt me to write more, and hopefully hear from others whether or not they think it's any good.  I need to hone my skills and would like some way to garner a little feedback, so if you wouldn't mind...  Think of it as a little gift to the both of us: I write and you respond.  It's a win-win, no?

I'd like to be just a bit more succinct with my endeavors and try to improve my focus.  I've never really been trained in the art of writing as I thought I should be, but maybe that's not how it works.  I'm into a whole bunch of stuff as well, so I'm hoping that I can show off some of the things that I like and we can all get sharing a little bit more.  As long as it gets me writing.

But here's the real deal: I'm working on this comic.  It's this huge, sprawling magnum opus that I've been cooking up in my head for a long time, and things are finally gathering up enough steam for them to gel together and stick enough that they're beginning to make sense.  All in all, there're about four volumes in varying lengths that I'd like to tell, and you to hear. 

But the proof is in the pudding.  I'll tell you now that I've pulled out the plum and have entirely too many damned metaphors and enough cliches to shake a stick at.  I've been a bad boy.  I've not followed my heart for such a long time that at this point it's all going to flood out and splatter onto the page.  I think it's going to be a mess.  Yet I've faith.  I've had time to gather all that is in this noggin, now I just need to make it make sense.


  1. I just got out of bed because I can't sleep and saw the new post. I'll be lucky to compose a proper sentence so I'll just say "right on bro." =)

  2. Well, you have a natural talent for word selection going for you. "Word vomit" is a good way to get started -- I just learned this trick myself. I used to obsessively edit everything as soon as I wrote it; now I write it and let it be for awhile. Keeps me from being my own worst writing enemy. And don't rely on just you to evaluate for quality, either. Every book has "test runs," as it were. Quite frankly, I'm looking forward to this thing. And I'm jealous of your drive. I have none.

  3. Sometimes the sense of it all is reveled from putting down on paper(or making the click-clack with the keyboard keys...)

  4. Thanks, gang. Will say this second round was a bit easier, even to the point of knowing that I needed a theme instead of my normal bs.
    Sorry about no post last nite, I think I needed some sleep. 'course, here I am sitting in the shop at 530am 'cause I couldn't sleep...