Saturday, January 12, 2013


Wrote this beauty a couple of years ago.  Performed a few times with The Echo & Sway, even to the point of being the first real performance piece I've ever used props for.  I've got another that I'll have to dig up, but this is enough for today.

I didn't want to write it then, and I certainly didn't want to publish it again, but I think a conversation needs to start.  I'm not sure what to say other than I'm tired of thinking about this crap.  

I know folks have it rougher than some, but seriously, The Beard is here for you.  
If you need someone to talk to because you've been affected by it, The Beard is here for you.  
If you're thinking about it, The Beard is here for you. 

Julie, Bob, and Roy, say it ain't so.

To Write:
Love in Her Arms

Your testament
is written here,
not for the cause
that I want to please you
but because I’m pleased
to want you.

Indelible ink
tattooed into my
veins, flooded
with the permanence of
your love

not to bring pain,
only the attention
to self, me
that I so greatly desire
above all things.

Unsure of which
direction to go,
sinews connecting the
horizontal and the

do not adjust your television set,
they must deem me crazy.

Slipping under
hot and cold
make no matter, either
way works just
as well.
It’s the sensitivity
to the pain
I’m losing

a cry for help
can’t say it
any other way.
God, how I plead
for an escape.


  1. I don't even know what to say to this... just that sometimes, I think our greatest gift as human beings is caring, compassion, and to be here for each other. Now if we only knew exactly when those times are, from the other end, to reach out first. God bless you, my friend.