Thursday, January 31, 2013

7-Horsing Around

Giddy on the prospect of escape, drunk on the new wine of freedom, they belted out a raucous tune along the narrow alley.  It echoed off the walls and deep within their being where the thrill of the day could not abate this new life. Yet the farther down the impasse they wandered, the darker and more claustrophobic it got. A chilly breeze zipped through, the wind picked up and the laughter died down. The barn door banged a steady, uneasy rhythm one not in time with their frivolity.
The boys got skittish. 
Ogethan toed the door open slowly, stealthily, as if afraid something were going to sneak out and chaw him. Sunlight filtered in through the windows which would have been comforting under normal circumstances. Motes of dust danced, but it was one of doom. 
Barry told many a story, though those about the beast were well known across campus. Though Fallon House consisted of but a few buildings, word of the abomination’s machinations were of legend. It was as if it had been bred to be befuddling. Part of its nature one supposed.  The animal housed in the recesses of the stables had seen to a decidedly unwelcoming feeling.   Stalls lined the walls, empty all, save the last in the back.

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