Saturday, January 5, 2013

Holy hook, line and sinker, Batman!

In what sounds like one of Edward Nigma's nom de guerre, riddle me this:

What could make this guy even nerdier than just reading comics?
Upping the ante with DC Universe Superhero Lego.

Though I've previously gotten a hold of the Superman minifig for my wedding (blog to come) and the Lex Luthor/Superman/Wonder Woman as a gift for said wedding (sorry Casey and Heidi) see what stopped me dead in my tracks in the Lego aisle took priority over any kind of shopping for anyone else I was currently doing.  And my newish bride, of the aforementioned wedding, was kind enough to oblige me.

I think a lot of the draw of this set was the fact that I'd not even known it existed.  I'm not one to case the aisle all that frequently, but it seems like the prices of sets are through the roof lately.  Yet the real reason was that I HAD to get a hold of Mr. Freeze and Aquaman!

Okay, so the Bat-boat is a pretty cool addition to my collection, especially with the spinning flame out the back and the honest-to-goodness projectile weapons.  And since it's an ice scene, I could even get past the winter armor Batman.  (I'm never big on switching up costumes.)

Every aspect of the Mr. Freeze minifig is hauntingly cool right down to the containment suit and with bluish faceplate and gun.  Aquaman is "frozen" in a block of ice that breaks apart when you flick a switch.  Aquaman himself (and Bats) has a rotating head with two different expressions, not to mention a wicked-looking trident.  He's never looked better, and he's got the hair to prove it.

The set took awhile to complete, and I had to take a step or two back when it seemed like things weren't working quite right.  The ice prison is a bit tricky to put together after you make it fall apart, but I'm impatient and my hands are three times the size that of a small child.

The DC comic that comes with it is wordless except for the fight scenes, but it's a fun romp through Lego Gotham.  It references other sets like Arkham Asylum and maybe a few models based off of The Dark Knight Rises with Bane and Jim Gordon minifigs.  Maybe we'll have to do some research.

All in all a great set that gets the Beard of Approval.  Definitely worth my time and money.

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  1. Awesome! My kids love this series of Legos. And yes, Dad has a fun time going through the Lego aisle with them, too. =)