Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We now return to your irregularly scheduled blogpost...

"Once more into the breach, my dear friends."
King Henry V, Act 3, Scene 1
Billy Shakespeare
I've been put on Front Street this week because of my lack of writing.  I'd originally meant to give up facebook for Lent like I did last year. I got a lot of flack from friends who'd seen me attempt (and succeed) last year.  Folks thought that this time was to focus on Christ's suffering, not on my own.  Or some such nonsense. 

Not that I'm trying to deny Him or anything he's done for me.  My sabbatical from the internets was one straight from the heart.  I'd have to say I'm mild-to-moderately addicted to social networking, and I felt that not checking my phone every five seconds would do me some good.  Yet here I am.

Long story short (or as short as I can) I was propositioned by a friend of mine to stay on.  It was a last-ditch, Hail Mary pass sort of effort that could only be expressed in the pitiful words of one losing out on something, no matter that it revolved strongly around a such a time-sucking habit.  I was what people would be missing out on if I took this break, and that kind of frightened me.  This sympathy was further manifested in that all these fine folk would be missing out on my writing.

I'm reminded tonite of one of my favorite scenes in The Postman. Near and dear to my heart not just because of the post-apocalyptic spin, but because both the movie and the book stand well on their own.  We've got this scene where Kevin Costner (I know, I know) is talking over a montage of people getting ready to fight this big fight.  He's hurtling along this zip line cagey thing, amassing all these troops to his cause for freedom of the postal service, and really, freedom in general.  I'm not going to tell you the ending, but considering Kevin Costner is the hero, you know who's going to win.

I'm the hero of this story, which I can now say I'm writing.  Done bun can't be undone.  There's something moving through me right now that I'm trying to grab a hold of, but only through the help of those that are willing to hold me accountable to that which I really need to be spending my time doing. 

They're what makes this all worthwhile.

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