Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bearded Ballads: That Sinking Feeling

I dreamed about
what I remembered 'bout you
it wasn't good
but I wished you well anyway
you were not yet
the person you'd become
wouldn't recognize you
if you passed me on the street today

I heard your voice
amid all the noise
like a lazy broken record
crackling radio static
a Sunday preacher
bringing me Good News
A-men and hallelujah
finally knew what I meant to ya
how we spent these last few years
and now there's nothing left to lose

Oh, where had
where had our love gone
it was still there
if you looked real wonky and maybe crossed your eyes
things kept floating
nothing better left to do
then wallow in it
instead of setting out for a bigger prize

I heard your voice
amid all the noise
like a harpy out at sea
sings her siren song to me
sounds so lovely
till you're closer to the truth
what on earth are you afraid of?
show 'em what you're made of
circling back around
relying too much on the azimuth

tossed upon the rocks
shipwrecked, abandoned
captain of the the boat I've had a hand in
excuses pouring in like water
she's been that way for years

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