Friday, March 15, 2013

Foundation for Hope

Not sure how I feel about these "post a photo of some words to the internet" things, but people get memes to go viral, why not The Oracular Beard and The Foundation for Hope.  The Foundation for Hope is a community outreach program created to raise awareness of the harmful realities of bullying, depression, and suicide.It's based in New Cumberland, PA, but these this epidemic is world-wide.

If you're regular groomers of The Oracular Beard, you'll know that depression and suicide are close to my heart.  I'm not big on treatises about the subject, but have posted two poems/songs in the past few months having lost friends/acquaintances lately.

Anyhow, a friend asked me to do one of these things today.  Since I couldn't make a great concert this summer, I jumped on it. 

Remember: we could always use more beard, but not less people. 

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