Thursday, February 21, 2013

Defiantly Jim Colbert

Defiantly Jim Colbert

I’ve known Bellefonte folksinger Jim Colbert for maybe five years now. We met through my uncle Kevin’s music scene, so that automatically makes us compatriots for life. Maybe it’s because I know Jim personally and am humbled enough to share the poems he’s put together—even more so that he’s thrown my name into the “thank-yous.”

Jim’s creative endeavors run the gamut, but the poetry is that which I’ve in my hands and can turn to again and again. This Bellefonte balladeer’s deliciously heartfelt poetry collection “Defiantly Blue Sky” has had me shooting for the clouds for the better part of a year. 

As much as I get in a funk about social media, Facebook has been a great place for the two of us to connect and share poetry, music and all other creative nonsense over the interwebs. Just don’t get us started talking about bacon, monkeys and trains.

I have seen some of these poems before making publication and am reminded again and again Jim’s ability to make music with his words.  Whether it’s writing about Johnstown steel workers, an approaching storm from the roadside or a special Valentine’s Day gift, Jim has it covered.

Snippets grab you as you read, pulling you in. Like poetry is wont to do, it comes alive here and rises from the page long after reading. Scattered throughout are photos of Jim’s, making the collection that much more personal.

You can order “Defiantly Blue Sky” at and hear his music at or just come out and see him play Friday nite, 02/22 at Avenue 209 Coffee House.

This originally appeared in the Lock Haven Express 02/21/13.

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