Sunday, February 10, 2013


Was thinking through these stories or novels or whatever and realizing that there are (for the most part?) interludes as far as the chapter breaks are concerned.

Last 4th of July will have more story-driven pieces because of the nature of Barry's livelihood: Mrs. O'Leary's Cow, interference at Fantasy Forest and even the dream sequence at the beginning of the story overall.

Not too sure about Homelands yet, though I like the scope of the book being slightly more self-contained, at least within the confines of the immediate area.

Metro is another of those Ogethan-centric tales and I think it'll be more solidified with song, especially the Superman bits.

To be honest, the mechanics of the book will come along when they need to.  Maybe I'm thinking too broadly?  Maybe I'm letting things get in the way?

Just as the thoughts come naturally, organically, maybe that's how these interlude-y things should.  A story might get some place that a song or a quote might not be able to reach, let alone mesh within the fabric of the story.  It's going to need to flow to have the reader's experience it, live it as best as possible.


  1. I think you're referencing too much. Be more original. Forget everything you know about comic books and create your own.

    I haven't kept up with this as much as I should have but that's my .02.

    Find a peaceful spot and smoke your pipe. You'll get it.

    1. Thanks, Jason. It's rare that I get comments on this stuff, and happy that it's this one because this is my baby.

      I think as far as Mrs. O'Leary and Supes go is that for all intents and purposes this is a fictional story based in the real world. These are superstitions, myths, stories, etc that have been passed down for ages, mostly because there isn't something like television and the internet to keep them making their rounds.

      And Barry IS a storyteller...