Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Making Memories with The Echo & Sway

 Beautiful article written my good friend Aron Agerton wrote about our show a year ago appearing in the Lock Haven Eagle Eye 02/16/12.  Feels like forever ago, but so was Allison Walden.  Looking forward to Saturday nite's anniversary show.

You can read the original article HERE.

Making Memories with The Echo & Sway

 Even under the weather, The Echo & Sway manages to be above the bar. “Sorry we’re not our usual energy level. I’m just trying not to snot over everyone,” said lead vocalist Anthony LaLota.  Without fail, Anthony and his partner Jared Conti manage to use a folk style reminiscent of Badleys and a light hints of pop that bring back adolescent memories of the gin blossoms and kissing Allison Walden behind the bleachers during gym class.

Mixed and mingled through the show is a beautiful melange of music and madrigalities that manages to make even the meanest of meanies mistakenly miss their mothers. The duo tell stories of their family and friends that make you wish one day, perchance, you too may be mentioned.

A time for all ages, the Echo and Sway lets you relax your shoulders for a spell and sip down a sweet vanilla chai latte just as it was meant to be sipped.

No atmosphere like avenue, nor sound like E&S can be found in this faded town.  As the snow falls on to the quiet streets, and the underage kids begin their raucous journey into the cold night, those of any age can find solace knowing that in a world where chaos is on every Evergreen apartment and campus dorm hall, there can be peace wandered upon in the music and lyrics of The Echo & Sway.

In a town where it’s so very hard to feel good without the help of a captain, jack, or fast food clown, at Avenue 209 I found it at an evening with two men who sought only to make me remember Allison Walden behind the bleachers during gym class.

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