Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bearded Ballads 16/30: ABCs of The Last 4th of July

A is for APPLE, which started the tale
B is for BARRY from whose lips the tale hails

C is for CLINT from whence he came
D is his DAD named Carl, where Barry got his last name.

H for the HOUSE that's HAUNTED and for memories no longer still.

I is the INK on which parchment he writes
J is the JOURNALMAN, the knack for which Barry sets sights.

K is the KEY on a chain 'round his neck
L is for LEAVING the homestead a wreck.

M is for MOTHER, N her NOTEBOOKS they find
OGETHAN the best friend, with Barry's parents in mind.

P is for PAPPY a pipe in his jib
QUOTING the Bible, a tall tale or fib.

R is for REASONS she understands why he goes
S is SALLY FALLONS headmistress in the know.

T is TRAVELING with the caravan to far lands
UNDERHANDED is Hackensack with whom Barry takes his last stand.

V so VERY thoughtful, WEST where they lie, X the EXCURSION
Y is over YONDER, the time how it flies

Z this is over
ZIPPED up nice and tight
one day I'll tell you the story
but for now, it's good nite.

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