Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bearded Ballads 6/30: Nyuk nyuk nyuk

 I long to moidalize him.

Not murder, of course
because that would go
against my moral code.

…but moidalize him?
That I could get on board with.

Something in the vein of
The Three Stooges
(or maybe five, counting Shemp and Curley Joe.)

Something simple,
one that I could watch over
and over again.
In black and white
to make the brutality
seem less real 
and funnier.

At least it would make me feel
a lot less dastardly
about inflicting such


on another human being.

An iron girder to the head.
Tripping down the stairs.
Whacked with a hammer.
That knuckle trick they did, or the one with the eye pokes.
Or getting kicked by a horse.
Or falling off a car.
Maybe even a dropped piano.

These movies running through my mind
make me feel better.

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