Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Epic Beards of Review: The New Mutants #46 (Comic-a-Day #28)

The New Mutants #46 DEC 85 (w) Chris Claremont (a) Jackson Guice

I enjoyed what they did with the Mutant Massacre map, but they're should've been less arrows and more direct connections. This doesn't feel like a crossover, but more like a mega-event, throwing issues in just to shill books. It's barely worth writing about.

  • The Morlocks have been brought back to the X-Mansion, and they're having a tough time dealing with an amazing loss of life.
  • Magik transports herself to Muir Isle to get Dr. McTaggert out of the shower. Magik chooses an awful-looking outfit for Doc Nekkid.
  • Sunspot and Rhane are dealing with the stress of death, and we learn how much of an ass Sunspot can be.
  • Magik zips she and Karma to her apartment, looking for Karma's family. There's a bomb tripped when they turn on the lights.
  • The rest of the New Mutants head to the Morlock tunnels where they're confronted by Warlock's father, Magus!
Really disappointed with this issue (the art doesn't help, either) because it feels extremely out of place with the rest of the event. It's disjointed and feels like an X-men knockoff team, but without the fun. There's no memorable scenes (save one where Mirage sees death hanging over the mansion) or neat play with paneling.


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