Saturday, January 17, 2015

Epic Beards of Review: The Uncanny X-Men #204 (Comic-a-Day #17)

The Uncanny X-Men #204, APR 86 (w) Chris Claremont (a) June Brigman

Sorry to skip an issue, but 203 isn't with the others. I was thinking about looking around for one, but since it was a Secret Wars II issue, I wasn't all that worried about it. It seems as if the X-Men were spirited away for some confrontation with The Beyonder, and Nightcrawler didn't make it.

The title of this issue is "Whatever Happened to Nightcrawler" and here we get a brief glimpse of that. Kurt's hanging out on rooftops a la Batman saddened by the fact that They Beyonder didn't take him with the rest of the X-Men. We see Nightcrawler at his worst here: mulling over his cowardice in not following his friends, and shaking off his fur like a dog. Seems like he's also been shacked up with some actress (who is also a magic-user) and our little blue friend gives her the ol' heave-ho.

After a time, Nightcrawler hears a familiar noise and follows it to find that it's a pawn of Arcade having just kidnapped someone. He follows that to Arcade's Murder World and proceeds to help some damsel in distress.

There's some action here of he and this lady being chased, but you don't get a sense of impending doom as scenes cut back and forth to Arcade and his musings. It could also be Nightcrawler discussing that Arcade often lets his victims go if they prove worth of his mettle.

There's a lot of Kurt's crises here, he wishing for the days when being an X-Man meant something, the fun they had, and where fearful sacrifices don't do much good.

Hopefully more on that soon.

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