Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Junk in the Trunk #1

I'm supposed to be on my way to Renovo Elementary right about now to teach a class on narrative fiction.
My son Harrison is in the middle of a double infection, hives, diaper rash and teething, so we're going to forgo it today and double that up next week on both Thursday and Friday.

Upon doing some research as to how I was going to present this I at odds with my own narrative story: non-fiction, of course, but with bits and pieces (even whole chunks) of information that may or not even become relevant in the grand scheme of things.

Not sure how old this contraption is. It's like a suitcase, but there are pockets for things, not for dirty socks or personals, but papers. It's very heavy as well.

I do know, however, it was bequeathed to me from my uncle Kevin Dremel, he of my new comic-a-day blog benefactor and Cartoon fame. That said, there's had been a bunch of old songwriting stuff in it which includes handwritten songs (most of which are original) copyright info and all sorts of neat posters and other business hullabaloo.

I've commandeered  this briefcase years ago to throw my own stuff in. It's a neat little box and originally thought of as an item for a character that has yet to be introduced.

Stay tuned next Wednesday for some idea of what's packed in here...

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